Targets of HarassmentEdit

  • Rachel Manija Brown
  • Kari Sperring
  • Rochita Loenen Ruiz
  • Pat Cadigan, whom WF falsely accused of siccing GamerGate on her while Cadigan was fighting cancer.
  • Cindy Pon
  • Athena Andreadis
  • Liz Williams
  • Saladin Ahmed
  • Chelsea Gaither (Trigger warning: Sexual assault)
  • Tricia Sullivan
  • Colum Paget
  • Paul Weimer
  • Jay Lake
  • Paolo Bacigalupi
  • Peter Watts
  • Jim C. Hines. See: Online Bullying.
  • R. Scott Bakker
  • Anne Bishop
  • Melissa Goldberg
  • Charlaine Harris
  • Hesychasm
  • N.K. Jemisin
  • Caitlin Kiernan
  • Mary Robinette Kowal
  • Adrienne Kress
  • Karen Lord
  • Patrick Rothfuss
  • Kylie Chan
  • Lela Gwenn
  • J.M. Frey
  • Alice K
  • Chang Terhune
  • Requires Hate Record Anon, who deleted their Tumblr in the wake of harassment from WF and co. In August 2015, Rachel Manija Brown reached out to them to try to find a new, safe place to host their screenshots.
  • Numerous anonymous people
  • Jim Butcher

Opponents Who Have Not Been Targets of HarassmentEdit

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