Topless accordion player

On Nov. 25, 2016, a nonny asked meme, "Anyone play the accordion? I have an urgent question." An accordion-playing nonny offered to answer it, and OP asked (verbatim), "Do ever trap your nipple in the fold out bit"

Downthread, another nonny asked, "Isn't that the title of a well-known polka?" And then there was filk:

Do You Ever Trap Your Nipple In The Fold Out Bit
Do You Play In Nippy Weather And Then Agonize Your Tit
Do You Briskly Pump The Bellows In The Midst Of All Your Fellows
Just To Find You've Trapped Your Nipple In The Fold Out Bit
- not a polka
This was immortalized in the title of the next post: "Urgent accordion question: the potential perils of playing topless in cold weather."

The "song" has become an instant hit on meme. Nonnies have thought of it while passing a female accordion player in the street, recited it drunkenly to non-fannish friends, and requested artwork of it. One nonny reported to meme that they had trapped their own nipple in the fold-out bit and asked for advice.

Meme has no consensus on what the tune to DYETYNitF-OB should be. Some prefer "Turkey in the Straw" or "Battle Hymn of the Republic." Other contenders are "Colors of the Wind," "Hen's March" (here's an accordion example), and "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor On the Bedpost Overnight?"

A nonny sings DYETYNITFOB on Vocaroo.

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