Though Fail_FandomAnon is about fails and fandom, there are certain threads that pop up all the time, usually at least once a post.

  • Things You Wouldn't Admit Unanon
  • Unpopular Opinions 
  • Fandom/Non-fandom Venting
  • Foreign-language threads, especially by the Scandanonnies
  • Things You'd Like to Say to Your F-List/to an F-Lister (a/k/a "Dear F-Lister" or "Dear Fandom Friend")
  • Things Making You Sad/Happy/Annoyed Right Now
  • Books threads
  • Cooking/food threads
  • Makeup/beauty threads 
  • Sports threads
  • Current events threads 
  • Various types of rec threads, especially Fic Recs (see also Academic<
  • EFW threads, although some nonnies detest them
  • "Ask Me Anything" 
  • Fic Research/Unfuck My Plot threads
  • Tumblr wank threads
  • Discussion threads for various genres and canons (anime, comics, movies, etc.)
  • WIPs/"Two to five lives of something you've written"