On March 18, 2015, a nonny complained,
What is it with people in fandom assuming bad faith all the time?
Bad faith
Like the title says. It seemed to start with RaceFail and has just been getting worse and worse as the Tumblr way of SJ has taken over. I find it really exhausting and it's making me visit fannish spaces less and less. Meme isn't free of it either, we eat our own here too.

Does anyone else get tired of it? I worry one day I'll just snap and will abandon all my fannish spaces forever. I'm sort of getting there as it is.

Though there was some discussion about this phenomenon occurring on widely disparate fora, such as MumsNet, the thread quickly degenerated into wank about Racefail and was frozen at 55 comments.

Later the same day, the OP of that thread started a new one plaintively asking why the first one got frozen. This one lasted 45 comments. Mod Sunnynarfnarf: “For the record: There was more than one nonnie who crossed the line in the previous thread. There is more than one nonnie who has crossed the line in this thread. That was the reason the whole thread for frozen and not just a specific subthread.”

This whole thing is notable only because, for a short while, it looked as though the concept of “bad faith” would become abused on meme for purposes of starting wank. In a thread about Amanda Palmer's pregnancy (also Mar. 18), a nonny complained about all the disdain being flung at the musician: “Even if I can't typically stand Palmer, this thread certainly proves that whole ‘fandom can't take anything in good faith anymore’ deal...” This nonny was mocked for not knowing what words meant. However, after a few more invocations, plus a reference in an EFW thread, the “bad faith” meme thankfully went away.