FFA (also f-fa and variants): Fail Fandom Anon, the anonmeme you've been looking at.

Conversational identifiersEdit

  • Nonny, nonnie, anon = the people posting comments on meme
  • AYRT = anon you replied to
  • AIRT = anon I'm replying to
  • A AIRT RT = anon [whom] the anon I'm replying to [earlier] replied to (usually the anon two comments up instead of one)
  • AVRT = anon velociraptor replied to
  • NAYRT = not the anon you replied to
  • SA = same anon (when you're adding to or correcting something in a comment you just submitted)
  • NA = new anon (not previously part of the discussion)
  • DA = different anon (possibly new to the subthread, may already be contributing to the discussion in a different subthread)
  • OP = original poster (person who started the thread)

Other acronyms you may seeEdit

  • A/B/O = Alpha/Beta/Omega[verse] fic or characters. See Dogfuck Rapeworld (or the Fanlore page) for details.
  • ASOIAF = see GoT
  • AFFN,, variants =
  • AO3 = Archive of Our Own, fanfiction archive created/maintained by the OTW
  • AOS = 1. "Alternate Original Series" (Star Trek reboot movies). 2. TV series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3. Age of Sail (Horatio Hornblower, Aubrey/Maturin, etc.)
  • ATG = Any Two Guys, more rarely Any Two Girls. In reference to fic with generic characterization; the pairing could be "any two guys." Used in "Guess the ATG" game threads (beloved by nonnies for the creative name-swapping possibilities).
  • BNF = Big Name Fan
  • CBT = on FFA, equally likely to be earnestly used in discussions about therapy options (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) or in discussions about kink (Cock and Ball Torture).
  • CTSC = comment(ing) to see comments. No longer a thing since the move to Dreamwidth.
  • DD = "Details, details!" A call for evasive/coy nonnies to spill the beans about whatever.
  • DW = Usually either Doctor Who or Dreamwidth; depends on context
  • DFRW = Dog Fuck Rape World
  • EFW = existential flame war, based on the LJ comm of the same name, which originated in the Usenet group alt.callahans. Enjoyed by some, reviled by others.
  • FMA = Full Metal Alchemist
  • FFN,, FF, variants =
  • GoT = Game of Thrones, TV series based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF).
  • GotG = Guardians of the Galaxy
  • GSN = Grumpy Sutcliff Nonnies
  • HIMYM = How I Met Your Mother
  • HTGAWM = How to Get Away with Murder 
  • ITT = in this thread
  • LL = "Link links!" (unless you're an spnanonhaven/FFA bimemer, in which case it stands for "Leonidaslion")
  • MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe. Includes (at least) the Thor, Avengers, Iron Man, and Captain America movies, as well as the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series in its continuity.
  • MFVW/MFCW = Mantis Fuck Vore [or Consent] World, an FFA-originated offshoot of DFRW/A/B/O.
  • MLP, MLP:FiM = My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Meme critter Pinkie Pie either hails from there or named herself after one of the characters.
  • MNF = Medium Name Fan
  • MSF = Migratory Slash Fan[dom]. Refers to fandoms transiently popular with certain, particularly big-name slash fans, often with white-cock juggernaut pairings.
  • NFHA = Nathan Fillion Hating Anon
  • NN = cofounder of OTW. A BNF under a pseud. (Using the full legal name to connect it to the pseud: not okay on meme per mods.)
  • NNF = No Name Fan. Very rarely also LNF, Little/Low Name Fan.
  • OAA = Overly Aggressive Anon
  • OEA = Overly Earnest Anon
  • OLA = Overly Literal Anon
  • OMD = Original Male Dog
  • OTW = Organization for Transformative Works
  • OUAT = Once Upon a Time. TV show based on fairytales, on which step-grandparent/step-grandchild incest is not intergenerational and a major pairing.
  • POI = Person of Interest. TV show/MSF starring Michael Emerson from Lost and Jim Caviezel a.k.a. Jesus Cavesus
  • RPF, RPS = Real-Person Fic, Real-Person Slash
  • SJ, SJW = social justice, social justice warrior.
  • SnK/AoT = Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, popular manga/anime series
  • STID, ST:ID = Not in fact a sexually transmitted ailment, but Star Trek: Into Darkness (the 2013 movie, second in the ST:AOS continuity)
  • SW: TFA = Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Often just "TFA."
  • TSN = On FFA, usually refers to The Social Network (2010 slashbait film), more rarely to The Sentinel (1990s slashbait TV series)
  • TW = 1. Teen Wolf. 2. Torchwood. 3. Trigger warning. Depends on context.
  • TYWAU = Things You Wouldn't Admit Unanon. One of the common threads on the meme, usually on the first page.
  • WS = He who shall not be named, for he is a notorious self-googler and will show up to act out on meme.
  • WSJ = On meme, normally Weekly Shounen Jump, a major manga magazine, rather than the Wall Street Journal.

(Some content cribbed from FFA's profile page. For some concepts mentioned on this page, there may be more information at

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