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• 6/8/2018

Archiving 221b wank

Michi deleted her post on 221bcon. Here's an archived link if anyone thinks we should update it. https://web.archive.org/web/20160812121135/http://traumachu.tumblr.com/post/116469030779/on-fandom-bullying-and-respectful-spaces
on fandom, bullying, and respectful spaces
on fandom, bullying, and respectful spaces M I C H I
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• 2/16/2018

Font size in articles

Would it be possible to change font size for the articles? it's set to 16px on wide-ish screens now (in css - @media only screen and (min-width:1596px){.WikiaPage .WikiaArticle{font-size:16px;line-height:26px}), and it looks way too large on my 1920px wide monitor.

Edit: omg, and it's 18px (1.125rem) on discussion pages. why, wikia?
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